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3 Benefits of Hiring a Local Security Company

Choosing the right security company is one of the most important decisions you can make for your business, construction project, residential community, or event.

It’s a big decision; not one you make lightly.

There are many factors companies take into consideration before deciding which provider ultimately wins its business.





And more.

While these are all very important factors, there’s another big consideration that I’ve seen come up more and more.

A local small security firm or large global company?

While it might be tempting to lean toward the latter, think twice before eliminating the local options from your short list.

Here are three reasons why selecting a security company close to home is important and can work to your advantage.

1. Greater flexibility.

Periodically, clients may require change. Whether they want to add a new service or increase mobile patrol coverage, security companies must implement changes promptly to ensure the new needs are met. Local security companies are usually more reactive than vendors who are farther away.

For instance, with COVID, the demand for security has changed. Budgets are tighter than ever. If you’re a property manager, you’re likely dealing with tenants who are unable to pay rent. Therefore, those apartments might not be able to afford foot patrol at the moment so a more cost effective solution might be mobile patrol or surveillance camera towers.

As conditions and needs change, local security providers tend to have their finger on the pulse as they are most familiar with the market and geography. And they will have the solutions to meet individual needs and budgets.

2. Access to management.
Imagine you’re a superintendent overseeing a multi-million dollar construction project and a major incident occurs in the middle of the night at the site. You would want to speak with management immediately. And if necessary, have management on-site immediately.

We’ve found that clients feel more at ease when they have direct access to senior management in the event of an emergency, and know they can make contact directly instead of being connected to a dispatch center that’s likely in another state.

Local security companies also tend to be well-connected to local law enforcement. For instance, Reliance works closely with the police department and first responders. Our management team attends Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s area command meetings to ensure we’re aware of any issues going on in the community and how it might impact our clients.

3. Supporting local economy.
When you hire local, you show support for your community. Small businesses contribute to the economy and tax base.

In addition, many local businesses give back to their communities through fundraising and volunteering. When you meet with local security vendors, ask how they give back.

Whether it’s providing cases of water to the Floyd Mayweather Jr. Foundation’s Walk/Run event, donating school supplies to Project 150, or raising money for the Las Vegas shooting victims, Reliance regularly supports local causes.

As you perform your due diligence in evaluating security service providers, consider the many benefits of choosing ‘local’ before you sign with a large centralized company located in another state.

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