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Our unarmed and armed security officers in Las Vegas have skills that allow them to do their job well. Prevention is always the first line of defense, so analytical and assessment skills are highly valued for this role. Each potential guard is screened to assess for anomalies in their background, personality and abilities. Once hired, further screening is performed to ensure that each member of our team is capable of providing the highest caliber of protection.

Reliance Security combines the right people, training and latest technology to provide unmatched security services to our clients. Providing the best security solution requires listening to our clients needs and asking the right questions to ensure all challenges are met and the most effective solution is applied. From the initial screening and selection of our security officers, our goal is to meet and exceed your most stringent security requirements.

Reliance officers provide asset protection across various business sectors and serve as a visual deterrent against theft, vandalism and disturbances. Officers are trained to work as partners with our clients in meeting their needs and become an extension of their workforce.

In addition, Reliance Security provides the State of Nevada with compliant, licensed armed security professionals. Upon hire, we evaluate the abilities and competence of security officers, and continue to monitor their performance on a daily basis. Our armed officers are tested quarterly by the Private Investigators Licensing Board to confirm their knowledge of private security laws and responsibilities, and are required to re-pass a firearms qualification exam. Reliance Security takes all precautionary measures to address client concerns related to having armed security on their property.

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Contact us to learn more about how Reliance Security can help you protect what matters most.
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