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Executive Patrol


While many associate this role with high profile figures such as Hollywood celebrities and government leaders, the reality is that many executives and high-net-worth officials require executive protection personnel. On a daily basis, we serve individuals who work in high-risk professions by creating a barrier that allows our clients to focus on their goals free of distractions or concerns for their safety.

Executive protectors utilize many different strategies to provide the highest level of protection. For example, our RelianceTrac technology plays an important role as a means of prevention, monitoring, mobilization, coordination and detection. Our personnel are highly trained, experienced and dedicated to ensuring the safety of our clients.

The cognitive level of an executive protector is rich with analytical skills that use logic to be an efficient deterrent to potential and realized threats. Their role is dictated by the client and ranges from 24-hour security to walking their host from the car to their office. Executive protectors can become an intimate part of one’s everyday life.


We work in a variety of industries. Below are some of the ones we specialize in:


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