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Residential Security


Reliance Security features world-class residential security services in Las Vegas that can be tailored to various types of residential housing such as:

  • Apartment Complexes
  • HOAs (Homeowner’s Association)
  • Gated Communities

Services can include:

  • Door service by uniformed guards who serve as both guards and as customer service representatives to your clients and their guests
  • Patrol service via highly visible cars, on foot and by bicycle that serve as inspectors and as a form of prevention. Our presence helps reduce social crimes like graffiti, vandalism and more. We use real-time security reporting technology that allows guards to upload reports of vandalism, graffiti and other problems as they find them. Property managers have mobile access to all data helping you manage your facilities efficiently
  • Real-time reporting service so that residents can report suspicious behavior or vandalism without notifying you

In addition, our real-time technology, RelianceTrac, and the use of our ai security cameras, we provide residents the ability to participate and be involved in keeping their community safe. How does this happen? Here’s an example:

A resident observes a suspicious individual walking through the neighborhood. Using the technology, the resident can report the issue and the on-site security officer will follow-up to investigate the incident.

We take pride in developing custom solutions for each client that combines our knowledge of security operations within the residential space. We focus on quality services that provide value to our clients.


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