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Solar Surveillance Trailer

The autonomously-powered mobile video surveillance trailer is an ideal solution for clients in Nevada who have remote sites, short-term events, or off-grid locations and are looking to mitigate theft or vandalism. This is ideal for companies that are looking to implement security measures, but may not have the resources or necessarily want on-site guards.

Whether you want to protect an outdoor event, construction site, or shopping center, the tower can provide peace of mind.

While other companies offer monitoring services, we’re different in that we go beyond providing a video after an event. We take it a step further. If a trespasser breaks the geofence, we take immediate action and dispatch a guard to investigate the alarm. That’s what makes use one of the best security companies in Las Vegas.

WCCTV Mini Dome Solar Trailer
Autonomously Powered Portable Surveillance

Trailer Features:

– Telescoping 20ft tower, rotates nearly 360 degrees
– 520W autonomous solar power for most locations
– Low-voltage-disconnect protects electronics and batteries
– Solar array tilts from horizontal to nearly 90 degrees vertical
– Weighs less than 1400 lbs, towable by most vehicles
– Batteries housed in secure, tamper-resistant battery box

Camera System Features:

– Two IR PTZ WCCTV mini Dome Cameras
– Autotracking capability
– Video Analytics for intrusion detection
– Compact solid-state NVR, 2TB of SSD storage
– Verizon 4G certified cellular & WiFi video transmission
– LAN WiFi connectivity, 2.4 or 5.8 GHz
– Camera electronics contained in weatherproof housing


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