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Digital Guard Force Announces Partnership with Reliance Security

Digital Guard Force (DGF), a remote guarding solutions provider, announced today its new partnership with Reliance Security, a veteran-founded security leader, for the Las Vegas market.

The partnership will enable real estate owners, business operators, and property managers in the Las Vegas area to augment their security eco-system and save on operating expenses.

DGF’s remote guarding system combines high-tech security hardware, computer vision (AI) software, and remote guards to protect multifamily and commercial real estate properties nationwide. Clients benefit from an eco-system designed by a security expert that combines the hardware, software, and human elements to enhance security. The technology allows for significant cost savings versus the cost of on-site guards only.

Serving the Las Vegas community since 2004, Reliance offers cutting-edge security services for individuals, businesses, properties, and events in Las Vegas and select markets in Nevada. Clients include high-profile hotels and resorts on the Las Vegas Strip, gated communities, apartments, HOAs, condominiums, commercial buildings, retail stores, construction sites, government buildings, healthcare facilities, and more.

“We’re excited to be working with Joel and his team at Reliance Security in the Las Vegas market,” said Donal Warde, Chief Executive Officer at Digital Guard Force. “The partnership allows clients to benefit from Reliance’s extensive local knowledge and DGF’s security technology solutions. It’s a win-win. Eco-systems are customized based on the unique needs of each property.”

“The DGF partnership takes our service offerings to the next level, allowing clients to benefit from the latest advances in technology, which will enhance the security effectiveness for clients. This solution is really for any type of business or property that’s wanting security and facing any kind of budget constraint,” added Joel Logan, Chief Executive Officer at Reliance Security.

Remote guarding is an ideal solution for properties that want security, but have limited resources. It’s also beneficial for large properties with complex security needs.

“For instance, large casinos might be looking to scale back its on-site guards. This would allow them to still maintain a high level of security, but have it managed remotely from a secure location,” shared Warde.

Many properties have also experienced budget pressures due to COVID.

Logan continued, “We’re seeing a challenging combination of budget constraints and increased security needs from some of our clients. The new partnership will allow us to broaden the scope of solutions we offer in a cost-effective manner.”

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