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Mobile Patrol


Mobile patrol offers security that is cost-effective. A mobile unit quickly covers more ground and can show up on-scene at any moment. This is an excellent tool to deter public nuisance crimes such as vandalism, graffiti, theft. Mobile patrols even help reduce robberies, violence and arson. A mobile patrol unit serves as an early warning system. They are in constant communication with our dispatch unit which provides immediate backup or law enforcement involvement as needed.

Our Mobile unit is equipped with state of the art technology such as GPS tracking and mapping. Some units may also have video surveillance devices that feed into our dispatch center. We monitor every mobile patrol both as a measure of safety to the unit and as a means of quality assurance. The GPS unit notifies us if the mobile unit leaves its parameter.

The value of using a mobile unit is that it provides security without having to have an onsite guard. Many businesses have excellent day protection, but when night comes the atmosphere changes. Mobile guards help to keep your business safe from crime.

Businesses that benefit from mobile patrols include:

  • Gated communities
  • Retail and commercial complexes
  • Corporate complexes
  • Apartment complexes and HOAs


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