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Year-End Security Check: Assessing and Upgrading Your Commercial Protection

Conducting an annual security check is a critical practice for small business owners aiming to safeguard their assets and ensure the overall safety of their premises. This comprehensive checklist provides a detailed step-by-step guide to assist business owners in thoroughly assessing and enhancing their security measures for small businesses in Las Vegas.


Review Active Security Patrol:

Strategic Deployment: Assess the effectiveness of your active security patrol by ensuring strategic deployment across every corner of your commercial space. Consider vulnerabilities and potential risks to enhance coverage.


Upgrade to Armed Guards: For businesses with assets exceeding $100,000, contemplate upgrading to armed guards. Their rigorous training and licensing provide an elevated level of protection, contributing to the overall security of valuable assets.


Assess Armed or Unarmed Guards:

Understanding the Distinction: Familiarize yourself with the differences between armed and unarmed guards. Choose based on the unique security requirements of your business, maintaining a balance between security and a welcoming environment.


Exploring Mobile Patrol Options: Enhance your security presence by exploring mobile patrol options. Whether in a car or patrol vehicle, mobile patrols offer a dynamic approach to covering the full scale of your commercial property.


Check Surveillance Systems:

Functionality and Quality Inspection: Thoroughly inspect the functionality and quality of your surveillance cameras. Ensure they are in optimal working condition to capture high-quality footage.


Storage Capacity: Evaluate the storage capacity for recorded footage. Adequate storage is essential for documenting incidents and providing proof in case of security-related issues.


Annual Evaluation: Conduct an annual evaluation of your surveillance systems to identify any gaps or areas that need improvement.


Evaluate 24/7 Security Monitoring:

Continuous Vigilance: Recognize the significance of continuous monitoring for 24/7 protection. Ensure that your security provider maintains a dedicated team capable of immediate responses to any unusual activities.


Real-Time Responses: Review the efficacy of real-time responses to potential threats, contributing to the overall security and safety of your business especially for small businesses in Las Vegas.


Upgrade Security Systems:

Invest in Cutting-Edge Technologies: Stay ahead of potential threats by investing in cutting-edge technologies. Consider integrating smart access control systems and AI-driven analytics to future-proof your defense.


Professional Assistance: Seek professional assistance for the integration and management of advanced security systems. Professionals can provide comprehensive control and monitoring of various security and safety systems.


Assess the Significance of Seasoned Security Guards:

Experience Matters: Acknowledge the crucial role of experienced security guards in your overall security strategy. Their expertise and proactive mindset significantly contribute to the effectiveness of your security measures.


Threat Identification: Experienced guards excel in identifying potential threats before they become active. This ability is especially critical in situations where unusual behavior may go unnoticed.


Consider External Security Audit:

Professional Evaluation: Hire a professional security consultant for an external security audit. Obtain an unbiased evaluation of your current security measures, identifying strengths and areas for improvement. 


Implementation of Recommendations: Implement recommended changes based on the external audit to enhance the overall security posture of your business.


Employee Training and Awareness:

Conduct Security Awareness Training: Prioritize security awareness training for all employees. Ensure that they understand security protocols, emergency procedures, and their roles in maintaining a secure environment. This is especially important in Las Vegas for small businesses considering the crime in some areas. 


Cultivate a Security-Conscious Culture: Foster a culture of security consciousness within your organization. Encourage employees to actively contribute to maintaining a safe workplace.


Update Emergency Response Plans:

Review and Update Plans: Regularly review and update emergency response plans. Ensure that plans are current, and all employees are familiar with evacuation routes, emergency contacts, and proper use of safety equipment.


Equipment Testing: Conduct regular testing of alarm systems, fire extinguishers, and other safety equipment to ensure functionality in case of emergencies.


Collaborate with Local Authorities:

Establish a Partnership: Collaborate with local law enforcement to establish a partnership. Provide them with updated information about your business premises, seeking their input on enhancing security measures.


Regular Communication: Maintain regular communication with local authorities to stay informed about potential security concerns in your area. This partnership enhances the overall security network.



By diligently following this expanded checklist, small business owners can conduct a thorough annual security check. This proactive approach fortifies their commercial space against potential threats, ensuring a safe and secure environment for both employees and assets. Regular assessments and improvements contribute to the overall success and resilience of the business.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How often should I conduct a security assessment for my business, and what does it involve? 

Conducting a security assessment annually is crucial to adapt to evolving threats. The assessment involves evaluating your active security patrols, surveillance systems, the effectiveness of armed or unarmed guards, and the functionality of state-of-the-art security systems. This comprehensive review ensures your security measures remain robust.


  • What distinguishes armed guards from unarmed guards, and when is it advisable to upgrade to armed guards? 

Armed guards, rigorously trained and licensed, provide elevated protection. If your commercial property holds assets exceeding $100,000, upgrading to armed guards is advisable. Reliance Security’s experienced professionals can assess your unique security needs and recommend tailored solutions.


  • Why is vigilant surveillance important, and what happens if I neglect my annual security check? 

Vigilant surveillance, facilitated by state-of-the-art cameras, is crucial for identifying and addressing potential threats promptly. Neglecting your annual security check can leave you without proof in case of incidents, resulting in significant financial losses. Ensure your drives have space, footage is recorded and stored, and cameras are checked annually for quality and functionality.


  • How does 24/7 security monitoring enhance the overall security of my business?

Continuous monitoring ensures immediate responses to unusual activities, providing around-the-clock protection. Reliance Security’s dedicated team remains vigilant at all times, offering real-time responses to potential threats, contributing to the overall security and safety of your business.


  • What makes Reliance Security’s state-of-the-art security systems stand out, and how do they adapt to evolving challenges? 

Reliance Security integrates cutting-edge technologies, including smart access control systems and AI-driven analytics, to future-proof your defense. Our Surveillance Specialists, available 24/7/365, oversee and manage all security and safety systems, providing comprehensive control, monitoring, and management. This adaptive approach keeps your business ahead of potential threats.


Remember, Reliance Security is not just a security provider but a dedicated partner invested in the safety and success of your business. With over 100+ years of combined experience, our commitment to excellence, expertise, and cutting-edge technology sets us apart, ensuring unparalleled security solutions for your commercial space. Trust in Reliance Security to fortify your present and safeguard your future success in Las Vegas.

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